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Captn Dave

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  • Post published:April 26, 2019
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Cap’n Dave be Studio City Tattoo’s resident Pirate Tattooer hailing from Southern California, this tattoo machine wielding pirate has been tattooing for nearly 2 1/2 decades. As a little powder monkey Captain Dave became very intrigued with comic books , art and music. Fascinated by everything from pirates to horror and science fiction, Capt.Dave began to draw, paint and create. After seeing his father receive a tattoo, he instantly knew what he wanted to pursue. Cap’n Dave has many interests, when it comes to tattoo art styles, American traditional, Japanese and comic book Art are some of his favorites styles to produce. Anything from sailing ships , traditional roses to Japanese dragons or your favorite comic superhero , The Captain can handle it old skool style! For all your nautical tattoo needs come down to (or call) Studio City Tattoo and ask for Cap’n Von Dave!

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