How much do tattoos cost ?

Average Tattoo Cost. The average cost for a small tattoo like a heart or cross is $80 to $200. For a medium-sized tattoo like a traditional , expect to spend between $ 200. to $450. Hiring a tattoo artist typically costs $150 to $250 per hour, and prices depend on skill level and demand of Tattooist.

At our shop because of how busy we are we offer an extremely fair price. We have an hourly price of $200.00 and 120.00 shop minimum, although many times we attach a fixed rate to a tattoo.

We also offer an exclusive full 6-hour shift rate of $950.00 for larger projects to help you complete that back piece or sleeve tattoo. This is a savings of 130.00 to help those committed to large projects.

This is how pricing works. First, call us and we will make you an appointment if it is an easy straight forward tattoo. If the tattoo is more complicated and we need to draw for you, then we will give you an email to send any artwork and any ideas you might have so we can design your new tattoo :). We will then get back to you about your appointment.

At that time we will enter your information into our system we will require $120 deposit to get things started and a $300 deposit on large tattoo work. The deposit goes towards the final cost of your tattoo.

We get very busy and need to take deposits to assure yore appointment.

Check this page for Prices and Appointments