Jim Down – Tattoo Artist

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  • Post published:February 5, 2021
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jim down los angeles tattoo artistJim came to Los Angeles 12 years ago from Manchester, England. From a young age, Jim’s dedication to the arts was clear. As a child, he was always holding either a pencil, a guitar, or a record. These days he holds a tattoo machine, channeling his love of art into the skin of his clientele. Jim’s preference is for color or black & grey realism, although he doesn’t like to be pigeon-holed, enjoying the challenge of turning his hand to any style of art that comes his way. This eclectic artistic interest extends to every aspect of his life, so expect to be kept entertained with his encyclopedic knowledge of music and movies. Jim actually began his career here at the shop many years ago as an apprentice, and after several years traveling and absorbing different artistic styles, he was invited back, and has been here ever since. Jim considers Studio City Tattoo his home, and that is evident from the care he puts into his work, as well as the personal connections he makes with his clients.

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