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Los Angeles Body Piercing inside Studio City Tattoo is proud to be one LA County’s best piercing shops. We strive to do our best and personal character, ethics, and skill is high on our list when considering who works with us here inside Studio City Tattoo. We care about what we do and you’re very important to us! We only carry the highest quality body jewelry available; whether it’s 18kt gold body jewelry or exotic organics we have it all! We’re located in Studio City Tattoo convenient to all of L.A. Los Angeles County! Hollywood Body Piercing

Steve White has been piercing since 2002, and has been bringing his originality and expertise to Studio City Tattoo since 2008. Being the shop's head piercer, his years of experience provide his clients with a sense of ease and integrity. He particularly enjoys working on surface piercings and collaborative ear projects, where he can work in conjunction with clients to utilize his natural innovativeness. Steve runs his own recording studio and has been drumming for as long as he can remember; blending his artistry and inventiveness with his craft as a piercer. It becomes immediately apparent to his regular patrons and new faces alike that their comfort, confidence, and creativity are of utmost importance to him.

Perla Garcia is one of our newest body piercers to Studio City Tattoo

D Luna Body Piercer Los Angeles

"I really love that the piercing industry has taken a turn into the world of fine jewelry. Working with really unique designer pieces gives a very elegant sense of individuality to clients. I'm excited about where the world of body modification is headed in the future, and I'm glad that I'm here to see it evolve."

Luna is the newest member of Studio City Tattoo & Los Angeles Body Piercing who began her piercing career in 2014 in Murrieta, California. After spending a few years working in the Inland Valley, her desire to accumulate her experience led her to work in Costa Mesa, Pasadena, and now in Studio City. Luna finds a great deal of joy in expanding her knowledge about her profession and geeks out on new methods and sharing information. When she's not poking holes, you can find her experimenting with cooking, watching GMM, petting dogs, and making playlists for just about everything.

My name’s Marv! I’m one of the body piercers here at SCT/ Los Angeles Body Piercing.I got my first body piercing in my septum ( nose ). And I did an industrial pierce for my first client. In my free time, I enjoy jamming with friends. I play the drums, it’s the only one with a chair.  I also love cooking, because I get to eat when I’m done. I’ve been piercing since ‘08 and still love what I do. Let me show you how much I love my job! I hope to pierce you soon.


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We only use the highest quality body jewelry available.


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