Our Celebrity Body Piercer Saint James

Saint James- Not your everyday Tom, Dick or Harry body piercer or even Chris or a Joe for that matter!

          Our Celebrity Hollywood Body Piercer Saint James

Tawapa Saint James

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Saint James Rajewski, a 20 year body piercing veteran and educator, extreme body modification artist and performance/suspension artist. I’ve landed myself here in the heart of Hollywood at Studio City Tattoo ~ Los Angeles Body Piercing. We wanted it to be known that I am here to stay and am offering my skill, expertise, my love and my time to you.



I feel compelled to share a bit of myself regarding who I am and the work that I offer. I feel it’s a rebirth in my piercing career since I moved to Los Angeles and am eager to offer this resurgence of my self and my work to you.  Aside from my extensive list of credentials in this piercing industry i.e. being an educator in ALL facets of body piercing and modification and having students in 49 states + other varying countries thus far, features and articles in too many magazines, newspapers, ezines, etc. to list, varying T.V. appearances such as America’s Got Talent, prior H2Ocean Proteam Member, writer and consultant in many piercing/mod articles and write ups such as the history of primitive piercing and roots of suspension, the large collection of piercing and other varying industry awards I’ve won, tattoo/piercing industry model, internationally recognized suspension performer extraordinaire and so on and so forth.

We pierce the little ones ears by appointment

I find it more important that you know who I am as a person. I live life fueled by my compassion, empathy, and just genuine concern for my clients and the world around me. These and many more attributes are what I assume inspired people to coin the title of “Saint” in my name. I am not here to be a rockstar or some celebrity piercer. I’m here to offer my selfless concern for you and the piercing/modification you are requesting. To give you my impeccable precision, attention to detail and creative fortitude regarding your new adornment or alteration. I view each client as a potential long term relationship and treat you with the compassion and concern that I would want someone to offer, say, my own mother.body piercing
My reputation in the piercing community speaks for itself. If for your peace of mind, feel free to check any and all of my Yelp reviews just since I’ve had the luxury of working here at Studio City Tattoo. By all means check more of my work and my self on Instagram or Facebook as well. Piercing, modifying, and altering the human body or “adorning the temple” as I like to say, is a timeless tradition that has ever evolved. I’m here to continue this tradition and aid in its evolution. I offer this, my self and selflessness, to you.

Past Performances

Saint James and Maegan Chris


The “Saint Wonder Machine” LIVE FREAKSHOW stars the glorious mess of extreme, magic featuring Saint James Rajewski, Maegan Machine and Chris Wonder. Witness this elegant disaster as it winds it’s way down the carnival midway complete with extreme acts,  beer, chicken cannons, confetti and burlesque. This debaucherous trio has taken their one of a kind “kiddie show for adults” to over 12 different countries and now is your chance to see them live at Hell City 2015 Killumbus, Ohio!