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Came to get my daughters nose pierced. Was able to work with Marv. He’s such an awesome and fun person to work with. Loved the atmosphere and he made us feel really comfortable. Definitely coming back in a couple weeks to get a piercing for the wife and probably my first tattoo.
Cali Crypto Dude

This place is so great we travel from Maine to get work done here.. Josh did such an amazing job on my tattoo, absolutely nailed the look I was going for and it was not an easy piece. Handled like a true master, super professional and had a great time chatting with him too. The whole shop has a very friendly and chill atmosphere. Highly recommended!

Daniel Khosti

An absolutely phenomenal experience! Everyone at the shop is always very nice and professional when I go in. They are clean and sterilize everything which makes going in much more comforting. After a few sessions I left with an amazing tattoo from Danny Dunbar! I will definitely be going back!

Megan G.

These people are so smart!! I was having a piercing crisis on the east coast when no piercers around me were open and I randomly searched for piercers in Cali and they were able to answer my question and help me out immensely. 10/10 recommend them because they know what they’re talking about!

Marisa Thobe

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